Medical Area for Beowulf

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at
Mon Feb 19 19:04:06 PST 2001

> I think, our beowulf computers can be applied to the medical area.
> but I don't know the beowulf application examples for the sick.
> Anybody here had a experience or have a plan to apply our beowulf computers to the medical area

I use MPI processing as an option in my open-source computed tomography
simulator: CTSim ( I've tested this application in a
16-CPU beowulf cluster with good results.

I've heard from a physician in Germany that he is using CTSim to remove
artifacts for metallic objects prior to reconstruction. However, I'm not
sure he is using the Beowulf-enabled version of CTSim or the single-CPU
graphical user-interface version.

I look forward to hearing other responses to your query.

Kevin Rosenberg, M.D.
kevin at

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