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> Subject: Re: Microsoft Releases Computational Cluster Technical Preview Toolkit
> Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 08:59:17 -0800
> What is the cost per node ?
> What is the minimum hardware requirements per node ?
> What about licences and what is the cost ?
> NT 4.0 would not boot without monitor and keyboard attached.  Do I need to
> by a monitor and keyboard for every node in my 20,000 (hypothetical) node
> cluster ?
> What about remote admin ?  Do I need to put Back Orifice on all my nodes ?
> The list goes on and on ....
> This is just a publicity stunt so  M$ can say they have a scientific
> cluster solution in advertising ...
> cheers,
> Jim Parker


    Has anyone thought to purchase the DEMO and discover what if anything this has to offer?
It is coming to me for 12.95 (US) to try it out.

Cost per node will probably be rather extreme. Only large companies will be able to afford it if at all. This thing scares the bejesus out of me, Do we have a compiled list of TCO for linux clusters? Can anybody out
there put a reasonable number to cost per node? Mine is small but current cost per node is approx. $125.00 per setup. and another 4-5 hours per week for admin. The search for software is also a killer. If you don't know
where to look or cannot write your own, it can be very tough. (No I am Not in the top 10,000) MY nodes are P 133 64 Meg, 66 mhz bus. Micro S@#$% will probably explain that I am not their target market. But that super
high end users are.

Sorry about the disjointed thinking but stick with me.

Mighty Surly is probably going to tell me the systems must be P-III or xenon, 256 Meg minimum with 512 preferred per processor, 100tx or 1000T for connections. How much is this system cost? lets guess $1200.00 per node.
( a little low?)  Maybe more like $2000.00 per node. A server to handle this will run a minimum of $15,000, plus Connection devices and assorted hardware. 2000 is pretty stable we'll allow $5,000 to set it up, and
allocate $500.00 a week for admin. costs. The programmers will run Approx. $130,000.00 per year to write, test and debug the code. Ahh software. Since I am having to purchase it all new Because I made such an excellent
deal with intel, to purchase the hard ware at a great price I can splurge a little.  This is a guess mind you......

Windows server                                                    LINUX
20 licenses $25000.00                                             Free
20 MS pro $11399.80                                            Free
Compilers C++, Fortran, $4000.00                          Free to $22,000.00
Message passing    $3,000                                        Free to $3000.00

Experienced Users   $(?)                                            This list to ?

We all know this is a low end guess. I just want to really compare what may happen. It  looks to me That a self taught home builder of BEOWULF has a distinct advantage over a CORP. customer when building a super
computer. I can use older off the shelf components there by utilizing the landfill for other uses. My costs will be lower compared over the long haul than the initial cost of starting such an enterprise. And I have the
full support of many friends (This List) when I run into trouble. Unlike the Tech.'. I may speak to when calling for paid technical assistance to Milli Scam.

If you want to fight it, you gotta know it. Lets put it to a head to head comparison and see what wins. If you ignore it and stick your head in the sand, you may not recognize your surroundings when you do recover.

My two Cents


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