phasing out Solaris/Oracle/Netscape with Linux/PostgreSQL/Apa che

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On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Krys Kaya-sar wrote:

> RE: phasing out Solaris/Oracle/Netscape with Linux/PostgreSQL/Apa che
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> > > SCSI is GREAT, and you should set up redundant hot swaps so
> > if you crash,
> > > you insert a new disk, type "boot", and you're back online
> > with a node.  I
> >
> > uh, that misses the whole point of raid, which is to survive hard disk
> > failures.  "survive" as in "not crash, keep functioning".  raid1 or 5
> > built on IDE disks do this *just*fine*.
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> just a note/question on the IDE raids, i've never had a system survive an
> IDE disk failure with any kind of raid. the system has *always* stopped
> responding on me. it stops all activity trying to update the failed disk,
> and never recovers.
> are you using some kind of special controller that will
> ignore a disk if it fails?

3ware is supposed to handle this with no trouble (although I haven't had a
failure yet so your mileage may varry...)

do a 6 or seven disk stripe with 1 or two hot spares, should be good to

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