Microsoft Releases Computational Cluster Technical Preview To olkit

Omri Schwarz omri at NMR.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Thu Feb 15 22:19:16 PST 2001

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Mattson, Timothy G wrote:

> Richard,
> Please try not to be so negative.  I was involved with producing the
> "microsoft clustering solution", and I assure you, its much more than you
> suggested.

So far the only advantage mentioned
is the faster C compilers available
in the MS cluster.

Cycles are cheap. Heartbeats are steep.

Does this cluster package have
maintenance automation software?
(IOW, 'rsh' or equivalent,
preferably without too much mousing required.)

Does each node require a video card and that
it be used in case of disaster, or can one
daisy chain the serial ports?

Is the MPI implementation fault tolerant
(or is the cluster stable enough not to need this?)

As you can guess, I'm collecting talking
points against your product in case
I wind up under a boss who considers using it. :)

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