Microsoft Releases Computational Cluster Technical Preview Toolkit

David Grant davidgrant at
Wed Feb 14 09:26:26 PST 2001

Hmmm...I think it rather odd that other than the mention of the word "Linux"
in the initial question, the word Linux is not mentioned again.  Nor is
there much mention of the word "Linux" in dialogue that follows. ( or on the
Q & A section of M$ Site for that matter  )   Sounds like a decision by
Micro$oft  marketing folks....

"just my $.02  "

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The homepage for MS "High Performance Computing" (isn't that an
oxymoron?) is just .  I found
the FAQ link especially amusing.  Here is a quote from that:

"Q. How does a Windows-based supercluster compare with one running UNIX
or Linux?
A. In short, there's very little substantive difference, but owners of
existing UNIX-based solutions will face changes that will cause them
some work and discomfort (less for users than for their current
administrators and support staff). These are offset in part by lower
costs of ownership (technical skills required), breadth of applications
and support tools, vendor support options, and commonality with the
constantly improving desktop environment.

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