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Fri Feb 9 10:16:03 PST 2001

>Several people asked who makes and where to find these beasts.  At
>which I believe are resold at
>However, I'm sure a few minutes with any web search engine would find
>more and possibly better/cheaper/different ones.  A decent way to get a
>very inexpensive RAID tower, and the one I have any personal experience
>with seems to work well enough, although I've never done any real
>performance testing on it.  A sample of one shouldn't be taken too
>seriously in any event.

I'll second the sample, tho.

We've just started using 3 400AV units - they are i960 based 'scsi disks' (Ultra Wide), each with 6 IDE drives. We've specified IBM 75G'ers with ours, and see 19-22MBs reading from them, and about the same writing. I don't know how they will hold out with more aggressive use, but as long as I repeatedly can get any single file with 12MB/s I'll be happy :-)

The units feature two hotswappable powers (single connector), 6 hotswappable drives, upgradable memory and a sleek, stylish, burgundy coloured case. Basically I'm happy with them, but they should ship them without drives, and rather publish a 'know good disks' list.

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