Big Iorn

kragen at kragen at
Tue Feb 6 11:11:47 PST 2001

"Per Jessen" <per at> writes:
> What would you like to know ? 
> I doubt if the z-server architecture is particularly advanced, but it's
> probably on a par with other modern processors. 
> I've done system-level development (mostly assembler) for the 370 and 
> 390 architectures for 10-12 years - ask away. I've done VM, MVS and TPF - 
> not much else runs on 390 - except for Linux now.

I'm curious:
- in pure (integer, symbolic, or floating-point) computational speed,
  without much memory access, how do the 390 processors compare to
  other modern CPUs?  (I know that's not what they're sold for, but
  I'm interested to hear the answer.)
- in memory bandwidth (stream benchmarks, for example), how do they compare?
- in I/O bandwidth, how do they compare? 

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