Alpha beowulf: True64 or Linux?

Martin Siegert siegert at
Thu Feb 1 14:27:11 PST 2001

We are in the planning stages of setting up a small Alpha cluster.
One of the questions that came up is: should we use True64 or Linux?
Now I don't need any flame wars here, but serious arguments.
You don't even have to convince me (I probably have to run the thing.
Since I am familiar with Linux and I'll continue to support our
Pentium based cluster, Linux just means less work - which is one good
argument, but I need more than that).

- are there performance differences?
- software availability? I heard that Compaq's development suite (compilers,
  debuggers, etc.) is available on both platforms. What about scientific
  libraries, etc.
- my guess is that both OS are fully 64bit OS (files > 2GB, etc.).
  How about the compilers? Can I have 128bit precision for floating point
- if we buy 4 processor smp boxes: How is the support under either OS?
  (OpenMP, etc.)
- How good is the smp performance (i.e., is it worth it in comparison to
- what other pros and cons?

I'd appreciate all comments and remarks that'll help me to come to a
decision one way or the other.



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