Q: Any parallel DBs for the cluster computers ?

Dan Yocum yocum at linuxcare.com
Thu Feb 1 08:12:49 PST 2001

This probably isn't completely related to the beowulf list (probably
more related to the linux-ha list), but has anyone run a DB (pick a DB,
any DB) on a cluster using DBD (distributed block device) and
C-Ensemble's distributed lock manager (http://www.northforknet.com)?


> Yoon Jae Ho wrote:
> I am seeking the Parallel Database for the linux clusters for 2 years.
> but failed.
> Is there any information about Parallel Database using PVFS or GFS or
> itself filesystem or any other parallel filesystem ?
> Is there anyone here making the Parallel Database for the linux
> cluster including Scyld Beowulf ?
> I will be happy if I get any information about Parallal Database for
> the linux .
> Is there anyone to make parallel mysql to be used for the cluster ?

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