ServerWorks chipset

Jared Hodge Jared_Hodge at
Mon Sep 25 08:06:21 PDT 2000

Here's part of an E-mail that I received from Myricom on the subject:

We have tested Supermicro 370DLE 370DL3 and Supermicro P-III DME.
They all work fine. The 370DLE and DL3 have better performance
since they use the RCC chipset rather than the intel840.

We have also tested almost every intel-840 board we could find
including Tyan, Supermicro, Iwill.

If you are using PCI64 cards from Myricom, then the
RCC is really a good chipset to use since Myrinet boards
can take full advantage of the excellent PCI bandwidth.

We're looking at upgrading our beowulf using the 370DLE, 800EB Mhz
processors (one per node to start) and 512MB RAM.  If anyone has
suggestions or warnings, please let me know.


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