ServerWorks chipset

Alan Scheinine scheinin at
Wed Sep 20 04:01:37 PDT 2000

The ServerWorks chipsets LE and HE are now appearing on
retail motherboards.  I need to buy some more nodes for a cluster
of Pentium-based PCs and I would like to know the experience of
other people with regard to Linux and Myrinet with motherboards
based on this chipset.

More specifically, SuperMicro has the 370DE6 that uses the
ServerWorks III HE-SL chipset.  (I do not know what -SL means,
it is not mentioned in the ServerWorks WWW site.)  Supermicro also
has the 370DL3 motherboard that uses the ServerWorks III LE chipset.

Tyan has the Thunder 2500 (S1867DUAN) motherboard that uses the
ServerWorks III HE chipset but the web site says
"Due to the current demand, the product is shipped to OEM
customers only."

Last but not least, Asus has the CUR-DLS motherboard that
uses the ServerWorks II LE chipset.  Before I went on vacation,
I don't remember seeing a ServerWorks-based board
described on their the WWW site, my impression is that this
is a new product from Asus.

The ServerWorks "Server Set" seems to be the chipset that Intel
should have been making since the start of this year (if it were
not for the contractual commitment to RAMbus).  Since I have
purchase Myrinet, the 64-bit 66 MHz PIC bus mastering slots
are very attractive.

My limited budget does not permit me to buy a board for testing,
so I am asking advice from the beowulf community.
By the way, is the SuperMicro 370DE6 (HE chipset) actually
available?  I cannot find it in Italy though the SuperMicro 370DL
(LE chipset) is being sold here in Italy.

Alan Scheinine  Email: scheinin at

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