night-time auto-reboot?

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		Our department is picking up a few decent PC's for staff.
		wondering about the current feasibility of auto-booting in
and out of
		Windows 2000 and Linux on a set schedule (say, out of
Windows to Linux
		at 8pm, into Windows at 6am, or something like that).  We've
got a
		small cluster, and this would be just to augment that.

		Most of our jobs are migrated via MOSIX, but we are looking
at some
		PVM/MPI code as well, and with respect to the later, will we
		problems?  (or would it just be a matter of making sure that
		MPI/PVM jobs are initiated as processes on the primary
		machines, since they can migrate back to "home" when the
		machines switch over?)

		I guess, what I'm looking for is some kind of logic for
Lilo, or even
		using something like UMSDOS to start up a Linux job (to take
over the

		On the linux side, it is easy to make a crontab event such
		/sbin/lilo -R Windows; /sbin/reboot: This will force the
next reboot
		(and the next reboot only) to take the Windows argument.

		Now on the windows side, you just need to make it rebooting:
		Having Lilo configurated for a linux reboot, it should be

		Any experiences?


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