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Sugree Phatanapherom b40sup at
Fri Sep 1 21:12:59 PDT 2000

Parallel Research Group, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Pround to Announce the Release of

  SCMS (Smile Cluster Management System)
  Release 1.2.2

SCMS is an extensible management tool for beowulf cluster
developed to simplify the magement task for large beowulf cluster.
SCMS provides a rich set of tools and support system that help
system administrator monitor, submit command, query system status,
maintain system configuration and more. SCMS GUI tool helps
administrator of beowulf cluster to manage the cluster much easier.
SCMS is released under Opensource license (BSD based).

New features in SCMS 1.2.2
* Support both x86 and alpha platform now.
* Much improved installation process. Easier to install.
* Much improved graphical user interface
  * MDI style, much more efficient screen use.
  * Changable SKIN. You can now customize scms look and feel to suite
    your organization need. (We will appreciate if you tar your skin and
    give us URL that we can download).
  * Powerful grid style host selector that scale to thousands of  nodes.
  * Much faster GUI
* Configuration Wizard: A gui that walk you to configuration without the
  need to edit any file.
* Preference : SCMS option and preference can be changes inside scms
using GUI.
* Automatic replication tool: Feature that allow you to define source
  destination host and file, and date time to be replicated. Then scms
  will schedule the automatic replication for you.

== We take the alarm part out to rework on it. need feed back on this
== We take out KCAP and make it a separate package. KCAP will be
   soon after this.

Screen dumps are available at

SCMS Basic Features
* Global access to node information
        -Interface to Local OS and get node information
        -Collect the information to a single point

* Heartbeat and node health diagnostic
* API for application to access node information.
        - API is available in C, Java, and TCL/TK .
* Parallel Unix Command
        - Shell based parallel unix commands such as pps, pls, prm etc.
        - Mostly follows scalable unix tool model ( SHPCC94 Paper by
          Gropp and Ewing Lusk)
        - Come with powerful Grahical interface for these tools that
          filter output

* Graphical User Interface Tools for common user and admin task
        - System Management
          Disk space, users, reboot, shutdown etc. User can select
          to perform command on one node, set of node or all
          cluster using a dashboard called "Host Selector".
        - System Monitoring
          Show realtime monitoring.
        - System Configuration
          Browse to hardware and software configuration of each node.
        - Parallel unix command
          GUI to parallel unix command.
        - Alarm system
          GUI to config information of alarm system.
        - Performance Logging
          GUI to config information of Performance Logging.

* System Architecture
        - Client/Server
        - Layered Architecture

How to get SCMS
SCMS is now available for download at

For more information please contact

Parallel Research Group
Computer and Network System Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Email: prg at
http: //

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