Scyld Preview and eepro100

Daniel Ridge newt at
Mon Oct 30 13:41:41 PST 2000


> We have the Scyld Preview, and successfully installed it on a master node.
> We successfully created boot floppies, and a second stage image.
> However, when we boot with the floppy the eepro100 driver refuses to load,
> and gives us undefined symbol errors.

A couple of questions about your problem. Does the floppy get
to phase 2? 

If it gets to phase 2, did you make your own phase 2 image -- or did you
use the one that came with the machine. (These are stored in

If you generated the phase 2 image (either with 'beoboot' or through the
GUI -- you may have wound up with a kernel version mismatch. I suggest
reverting to /var/beowulf/boot.img as your phase 2 image and working
forward from there.

	Dan Ridge
	Scyld Computing Corporation

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