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Robert G. Brown rgb at
Fri Oct 27 15:36:10 PDT 2000

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Zubin wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good fortran compiler for a beowulf cluster?  Absoft,
> Portland Group?  They both offer cluster solutions also, anyone have
> comments?

They're both decent from my limited experiments and feedback from folks
here that use Fortran. I'd have to rank Portland a bit over Absoft, but
I don't use Fortran any more myself (unless someone straps a small
nuclear device to my children and threatens me with detonation) so this
on the fuzziest of bases.

One remark of interest is that I had a hard time compiling ATLAS with
EITHER of them.  ATLAS seems to really want g77, of all things.  Don't
ask me why.  If I were a more regular fortran user (instead of having
last willingly used fortran back when it was fortran IV and I hadn't yet
discovered C) perhaps I could have made either of them work, but...

I'd talk to Paralogic.  They are moderately engaged with Fortran and
associated tools and probably can give you very good advice.


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