Cluster Monitoring software?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Thu Oct 26 05:36:50 PDT 2000

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Joseph A Del corso wrote:

> Hello, 
> 	I was curious if anyone knew of a
> stable software program for monitor cluster activity,
> specifically cpu usage, disk activity, ethernet traffic,
> etc.  I'm aware that gkrellm has this ability, but 
> appears to useful only for monitoring a single 
> node at a time.  I'm also aware of bWatch (beoWatch)
> and have already used it in my (small) cluster; but
> bWatch doesn't give the (semi) "realtime" display of
> cpu load average (if I'm wrong please correct me)
> Also, at ALSC I vaguely remember hearing someone mention
> that there was a utility built into a webpage for 
> monitoring system activity (I'd like to know how this was done).  
> Could someone refresh my memory please.  

Visit and grab procstatd.  It has a
Tkperl interface and a contributed web interface.  I designed it for use
in beowulfs, in small LANs, in clusters, and so forth.  There are both
RPMs and a tarball, and I'm actively supporting it in the event that you
have problems.  One day I'll probably finish a Gtk interface and dump
the Tkperl (which still has some minor bugs).

I think that SGI just released a bigger better badder application for
this purpose as well (which may indeed be better), but I >>understand<<
procstatd;-) and it is very lightweight.

It is also listed on the Underground site, in case you forget the URL.


> ~~joe
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