Using 2 NICS?

Karl Bellve Karl.Bellve at
Wed Oct 25 09:56:17 PDT 2000

This isn't a direct Beowulf question but I thought the people here might
know the answer. I am setting up a file server for our computers, which
includes a beowulf system. This file server has 5 75GB IBM ATA100 drives
using Redhat 7.0 with a 2.4.0-0.26 kernel. I have two NICS in this
computer to help distribute the load across our switched network. 

The question is, is it possible to use two NICs with their own unique IP
on the same subnet? I would then allow half of our computers to connect
to one IP and the other half to the other IP. I know this isn't load
balancing but I think this should be doable.

Right now, Linux is assigning both IPs to the first NICs since they have
the same netmask and gateway.


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