[ANNOUNCE] SGI Performance Co-Pilot 2.1.10 now available

Mark Goodwin markgw at sgi.com
Thu Oct 19 20:09:44 PDT 2000

SGI is pleased to announce the new version of Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
open source (version 2.1.10-8) is now available for download from

PCP is an extensible system monitoring package with a client/server
architecture. It provides a distributed unifying abstraction for all
interesting performance statistics in /proc and assorted applications
(e.g. Apache). The PCP library APIs are robust and well documented,
supporting rapid deployment of new and diverse sources of performance
data and the development of sophisticated performance monitoring tools.

There are binary RPMS for ia32 and ia64, the source RPM and tar.gz files.
The source is also known build and work for Linux-ppc and Linux-alpha.

The PCP homepage is at http://oss.sgi.com/projects/pcp and you can join
the PCP mailing list via http://oss.sgi.com/projects/pcp/mail.html

Changes since the last public release (2.1.7) include :-
    new metrics: hinv.cpu.* exporting /proc/cpuinfo
    new metrics: network.tcpconn.* exporting /proc/net/tcp (thanks Michal Kala)
    new metrics: web log squid and proxy stats
    new metrics: kernel.{all,percpu}.syscall (requires kernel patch
	available on request)
    new metrics: pagebuf and xfs (both require 2.4 kernel and XFS)
    minor fixes for ia64 build
    fixes for RPM upgrade problems
    reworked rc scripts for better SUSE support
    fixes for pmie scripts ("Inference Engine") in daemon mode
    new pmdatrace(3) functions
    fix for magic file handling
    proper handling of compressed man pages
    fix build environment to support RPM v4
    fixes so the build works if pcp is not already installed
    fixed the Cisco router PCP agent
    fix disk stats in 2.4.x kernels with "disk_io" field in /proc/stat
    authorization to monitor unlicensed IRIX systems if "pcp-pro" is installed
    security: guard against DOS attack by restricting incoming PDU size to 64K
    assorted other minor bug fixes and reconciliation with PCP in IRIX

To use the new XFS and pagebuf metrics, obviously you need a kernel
that supports XFS - see http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/cvs_download.html
or join the XFS mailing list via http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/mail.html

SGI would like to thank those who have contributed to PCP. In particular,
we would like to thank Michal Kala for contributing new metrics to the
linux PMDA, new monitoring tools ("PCP_MON") and several new PMDAs.

SGI would be delighted to hear from anyone wanting to contribute to the
PCP project (especially new monitoring tools), and will provide technical
assistance getting your project off the ground.


-- Mark Goodwin
SGI Engineering

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