SC'00 State of the Field Address

Jan Lindheim lindheim at
Mon Oct 16 16:54:28 PDT 2000

Dear all beowulfers,
I'm posting the following message for Thomas Sterling to try get some
material for his State of the Field Address at SC'00:

Greetings - I have a favor to ask of you. I am privileged to be giving
            the State of the Field Address on Cluster Computing at the
            SuperComputing 2000 Conference early next month in Dallas.
            I am striving to assemble material that provides the broadest
            representation of our field and most objective characterization
            as well. You, in ensemble, reflect a significant cutset of the
            discipline of cluster computing. I would like to request your
            help by sending me any of the following that is appropriate and
            convenient for you:
               1.  Powerpoint viewgraph or JPEG picture with one or more
                   photographs of your cluster systems. You may include
                   bulleted specification of the cluster's characteristics.
                   Pictures with people in them are acceptable.
               2.  Powerpoint viewgraphs or JPEG pictures of applications
                   running on clusters. This can include pictures of the end
                   science (or other meta-discipline), charts of performance or
                   scalability measurements, or a combination of both. A short
                   word statement of the problem and institution at which it
                   was performed is fine, but not necessary.
               3.  List of cluster or clusters you have on site with
               4.  URL pointing to your web site where I might garner more

Please do not go out of your way over this, we appreciate anything you may
have to contribute to this.

Thanks much in advance for your help.

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