A question of pure curiousity

Andrew Shewmaker shew0469 at cs.uidaho.edu
Mon Oct 16 12:30:31 PDT 2000


The best answer that I can give you is to read the answers to questions 1,
2, and 3 in the Beowulf mailing list FAQ.  Look here.



On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Pat Rock wrote:

Before I begin let me be upfront about some stuff:
I'm a complete newbie to linux; let alone Beowulf clustering, and probably 
computing in general by your standards =).

Now, my question is this:

I work for an Application Service Provider that is using BEA's Weblogic 
Server as the Java App Server of our choice.  We are currently running 
Weblogic 4.x with SP11.  At this time the load on our servers is pushing the 
limits of our application and most of it is because of the nature of 
Weblogic.  We cannot afford to keep shelling out money on one massive server 
to support 100 or so people, we need to be able to cluster our application.  
We are curious if anyone has had success clustering Weblogic 4.x using 
Beowulf, or if you can point us in the right direction to head in.

Pat Rock
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