ServerWorks chipset

Alan Scheinine scheinin at
Fri Oct 13 08:54:30 PDT 2000

On 30 Jun 2000 Adam Lazur posted results for a board with
ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset and a board with
VIA Apollo Pro 133A Chipset.  In both cases, the results of
 "dualproc stream_wall test" were less than half of the MB/s
of the uniproc test.  On 13 Oct 2000, Steffen Persvold posted
results of "Dual run" that were higher than "Single run" for
the Dual 667MHz Tyan Thunder 2500 "which also use the
Serverworks HE chipset with interleaving."
Does this mean that the HE chipset has eliminated a memory bottleneck
for dual processor boards OR are the two tables not directly
comparable.  (Perhaps on version of STREAM divides by the number
of processors and another version of STREAM does not.???)
Could someone who knows STREAM add a few sentences of interpretation,
Alan Scheinine  email: scheinin at

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