ServerWorks chipset

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Tue Oct 10 19:03:27 PDT 2000

Does anybody happen to know which one is more suitable for clustering:
SuperMicro 370DL3 and 370DE6  ?


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> Here's part of an E-mail that I received from Myricom on the subject:
> We have tested Supermicro 370DLE 370DL3 and Supermicro P-III DME.
> They all work fine. The 370DLE and DL3 have better performance
> since they use the RCC chipset rather than the intel840.
> We have also tested almost every intel-840 board we could find
> including Tyan, Supermicro, Iwill.
> If you are using PCI64 cards from Myricom, then the
> RCC is really a good chipset to use since Myrinet boards
> can take full advantage of the excellent PCI bandwidth.
> We're looking at upgrading our beowulf using the 370DLE, 800EB Mhz
> processors (one per node to start) and 512MB RAM.  If anyone has
> suggestions or warnings, please let me know.
> Jared
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