In swapper task - not syncing

Raghubhushan Pasupathy rpasupathy at
Mon Oct 2 08:35:24 PDT 2000


Yes. We bought three sticks and it happens on all the nodes where I put 
these in. I am ready to believe that it is a compatibility problem between 
the RAM and the MOBO. The interesting thing is that other sticks with the 
same exact specs (but different size and brand name) work perfectly. Also, 
how do I check before I buy my memory if it will be compatible with my MOBO. 
I am using an ASUS P2BD. Thank you for your help.


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>   Namaste,  Raghu
> > Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!
> > In swapper task - not syncing
> > It is clearly a RAM issue since the node was running perfectly until I 
> > the new 512MB  piece in.
>   we've seen this under several circumstances:
>   1. telling linux there's more than actually present
>   2. trying to run 22.14-5 (RH6.2 stock kernel on 750MHz & higher
>AMD Athlons)
>   3. bad ram
>   you may have the last problem (3)
>   whether it's the stick itself or its compatibility with the
>   i think the kernel allocates the highest memory to the stack,.
>   hence the crash while booting
>   has this happened with several machines and several sticks of
>RAM ?
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