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apart from poor video performance which you probably don't care about on a
cluster, there's nothing really wrong with the i810. the issues
surrounding the i820/i840 involve the memory transfer hub for using sdram
on the i820 being faulty, and the mrh for sdram on the 840 being lower
performance than people expected. couple that with the early delay in
delivery of the i820 because intel decided it didn't work that well with
three rdram rim sockets, and thusly reduced the spec to two, causing a
three month delay in the delivry of motherboards and you have the making
of a debacle...

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Mr.Joy Sarkar wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I am a little scared with all this discussion about Intel
> motherboards! We are using i810 with PC 100 MHz  SDRAM (viking make). Can
> anyone tell us if there are any known issues (bad news, that is -:( ) with
> the above combo?
> TIA,
> sincerely,
> js.
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