beowulf performance with MPI

Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Sun Jun 25 14:21:43 PDT 2000

> Let me clarify even further before we waste more bandwidth on this,
> and people get upset by Greg...
> 1) I was speaking about something that is totally free

Tony, if you knew this community better, you would be aware that "free beer"
is different from "free software", and that calling any software "totally
free" is a really bad idea.

If your product is now free in the liberty sense, that would be news, but I
think you're probably just confusing the two.

> 2) My comments were directly aimed at the fact that free-to-free
>    comparison suggests that people use the existing free software from us
>    for TCP+Linux, rather than wait and hope that someone updates some
>    other free software for them.

My comments were about modifying mpich, not about waiting or hoping. I said
nothing about either. If you wish to reply to my comments in the future, I
would suggest replying to what I said, not what you read into it.

-- g

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