Athlon + PC133: no ECC?

Alan Grimes alangrimes at
Tue Jun 20 12:40:40 PDT 2000

Scott L. Delinger wrote:
> I've got a Athlon 700 on the ASUS K7V. I've got PC133 ECC memory, but >when I set the BIOS to ECC for the RAM, the machine refuses to boot. Set 
>it back to believing it has just PC133 SDRAM, the machine runs fine. The 
>manual states support for ECC SDRAM, and the BIOS agrees, but I cannot 
>get it to run in that state.

Ditto! I got the same board with an 800 mhz CPU and 256 mb of the same ram
with the same problem. 

Here is my theory: The DIMM slots on the board are miss-labeled. 

My fix: Move the DIMM to the slot nearest to the CPU ignoring the labels on
the board. =)

Please tell me if this works for you too.... I'm kinda worried though if I
ever decide to actually use those other three slots wheather they might
simply not work for being too distant from the northbridge. =(((
> I'll want to sort this out before buying 64 of them. 8-)

yeah, you should bug ASUS about this...

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