Stream numbers from Tyan Tiger 133 with VIA Pro 133a chipset ...

Brian D. Haymore brian at
Thu Jun 15 12:10:15 PDT 2000

Luke Lonergan wrote:
> > Here are our results from our new AMD 950Mhz boxes using the ABIT KA7
> > Motherboard and the latest Beta "RY" bios.
> OK, interesting effect of the BIOS feature, but what compiler are you using?
> Are you running the "C" version of stream or the FORTRAN? In order to get
> the "correct" memory results, you have to max out the instruction units
> first.
> Luke
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Correct on your last comment.  We are using the C version of Stream and
the Portland Group C Compiler, although GCC does nearly as well.  There
is, to me at least, reason to believe there is a lot of headroom for
performance gains as compilers are made more aware of Athlon
optimizations and the same for Intel systems.

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