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Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Jun 7 08:23:05 PDT 2000

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Justin Scribner wrote:

> I truly apologize for posting this of message to the list but feel that I
> have no other recourse.  I have been trying to unsubscribe for weeks by
> sending messages to both beowulf-request at and
> Majordomo at but get nothing but undeliverable messages
> (even when sent from other completely disparate addresses).  All messages to
> other addresses work fine and I doubt there is a problem with the
> aforementioned addresses.  I tried to unsubscribe from the web page, but
> haven't received a response from there either.  I do appreciate the
> discussions thus far and learned that I need to consider Mosix rather than
> Beowulf.  Thank you in advance and my sincerest apologies to those who have
> seen one-too-many unsubscribes posted to mailing-lists.

It isn't working because the address is defunct
and obsolete.  This is one (of many) reasons to use the proper domain
address:  This is a "portable" entity and has followed
Don Becker, Erik Hendriks, and many of the rest of the NASA Goddard
folks to Scyld.  I believe that is currently actually at but I'm not sure and the reason for using the domain name is
that it won't matter.  Whereever it really is, that's where you'll go.

So, try sending your unsubscribe message to majordomo at

I believe that we are VERY close to having the beowulf list managed by
mailman, which will be a very Good Thing (tm).  If/when this finally
occurs, you can subscribe and unsubscribe and generally control the flow
of list traffic directly from a password protected web interface.  This
is a very desirable thing...


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