Memory leak in cluster NFS

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I'm the creator of ClusterNFS.  Yes, it does have a memory leak.  In the
enviroement where I was using it, the leak was slow enough that I didn't
realize that it was occuring for some time.  Restarting ClusterNFS once a
day was enough to resolve our problem.  

ClusterNFS hasn't seen any changes in the last few months because I was busy
trying to complete my PhD.  Now that I've graduated, I'm in a new job where
I don't (yet?) have time to do anything with ClusterNFS (or anything else
beowulfish, either).  

At least in the short term, ClusterNFS needs a new maintainter.  Anyone care
to volonteer?

I'll be happy to explain how ClusterNFS differs from the standard NFS server
(it's just a small patch to the standard NFS sources), or to answer other


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> Subject: Memory leak in cluster NFS
> We just have tried ClusterNFS ( ).
> We observe a significant memory leakage. (To prevent crashes, 
> we have to
> restart the nfs-server every couple of hours.)
> There is an (unresolved) bug report on sourceforge
> (
). But I am wondering why the memory leak was discovered so late. (The
current release of ClusterNFS is from November last year.) So perhaps the
problem occurs only under certain circumstances (big hard drives, special
file systems...). 
Any experiences?
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