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arthur m coucouvitis acoucouvitis at atipa.com
Tue Dec 5 10:01:25 PST 2000

  hello, Bruce

you wrote:
> And there's a related problem (to installing) which we might call
> "updating" in which, for example, I am running RedHat 6.2 now and
> I wish to rip it out and install RedHat 7.0, but I also want to
> preserve all(?) of my local changes.
      from what i've seen,
  rpm does its best to preserve config files, either
  by leaving behind an rpmorig version if it replaced the file
  or creating a .rpmnew if it decided it shouldn't replace the

> Let's make the simplifying assumption that whenever I install a
> RedHat distribution I always install everything
  given that you don't know which packages include new versions
of their
  config files, this doesn't make any difference.
  all (i can see) you can do is search for the rpmorig and rpmnew
  and decide (& edit) those files on a case by case basis.

> Anyone solved this updating problem in the context of a single
> file system shared by multiple computers?
  doing the case-by-case once on the first node and incorporating
  those specific changes by way of a post-install process
  for the rest of them is as close to solving the problem
  as you can get, no ?
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