Scyld, RedHat 7.0 and Athlon's

Frank Muldoon fmuldoo at
Wed Dec 13 10:09:40 PST 2000

Does anyone no if it is possible to use Scyld's software on a Redhat 7.0
system.  We are putting together an 85 node Athlon system.  There is a
hardware conflict with RedHat 6.2 on Athlon Thunderbird machines.  This
was confirmed by the vendor after we had spent much time trying to
diagnose the problem.  The vendor (SYNS) says "Slot A Original Athlon
does not have any problem, but
Thunderbird and Duron (both SocketA or SlotA)are not supported by 6.2."


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Computational Fluid Dynamics Research Group
Louisiana State University
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