Serverworks LE versus VIA Chipset

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry at
Sun Dec 24 06:00:11 PST 2000

Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Kolbuszewski, Marcin wrote:
> > >From what I've read, a PS2 coupled with GPS system and 3D map
> > could drive a Cruise like missile without major difficulties. That was the
> > direct reason for initial thought of export restrictions.
> um... a patriot missile which admitidly an air defense rather than cruise
> missile is powered by an intel 8088... missile guidance is for the most
> part a rigorous application of real-time computing rather than raw cpu.
> > But PS2 is built around a RISC processor (I _think_ IBMs Power something) so
> > it is not that much more powerful that your dekstop...

Really the issue for terrain guidance is a good dataset.  Considering
the accuracy of the generic topo in the US, that's problemmatic:-)

The amount of processing needed for GPS-based tracking is trivial (I
know of one mapping program that runs on an 8088 and DOS), and in fact,
that code's got some routing in it, too.  In fact, terminal guidance of
a nuclear warhead was the principal consideration for export
restrictions.  As well as institution of the intentional degradation
called Selective Availability.  
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