Error during 3rd Phase of diskless client bootup

Cyrus phreelynx at
Tue Dec 19 08:53:39 PST 2000

i got the modules running now.YES! it was a kernel
problem, but now one odd error has occured.
While the diskless client boots, During the PHASE-3
booting, it stops by giving the error that
"/dev/bproc not found
bpslave exits..."

Now i've checkedout the /dev/ directory on the / of my
server as well as in my /tftpboot/(node)/dev/
directory for "bproc" and it does exists.

Now my /etc/beowulf/fstab consists the all the basic
lines and only one line showing an NFS entry

$MASTER:/home  /home   nfs   default 0 0 

Now i don't understand where i went wrong..
can you give me a suggestiong !


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