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The next meeting of the BWBUG user group will be on Dec. 19th at NIST.
The speaker will be Robert Porenta from Turbo Linux.  Robert is
the lead developer of EnFuzion, Turbo's high performance computing

Location: NIST-Admin Bldg. Conference Room A
Time: December 19th 3:00P.M.
Further information: Howard Levenson 301-424-5489

Robert Porenta - Biography

  2000 Joined Turbolinux, lead developer for EnFuzion
  1997 cofounder of Active Tools company, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  1994 MS Computer science, University of Ljubljana
  1991 B.Sc. in Electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana

  Other projects
  1996-1997 Senior Developer on HP OpenView project
  1992-1996 Working on the development of editorial information system
  1989-1992 Development of Parallel Unix operating system for Transputers
  1986-1989 Development of tools for Application Specific Integrated

In a nutshell. Robert Porenta is one of the top clustering developers in
the world who helped build this product.

The talk we will give will be on Enfuzion which is a parallel processing 
software that takes an application and runs it in Parallel. It is similar
to how Beowulf but allows you to work across multiple platforms including
NT, UNIX, Solaris, PPC-Risc 6000, and Linux. It also differs from Beowulf
because you distribute jobs to already deployed workstations. With Beowulf
need to have dedicated machines.

We will spend the time talking about how enfuzion takes advantage of idel
CPU cycles and can speed up existing applications but factors of unlimited
proportion. For more information on Enfuzion please go to Go to products and you will see enfuzion.
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