Serverworks LE versus VIA Chipset

Erik Paulson epaulson at
Fri Dec 15 15:05:25 PST 2000

	In building our compute farm, we're currently torn between choosing a
SuperMicro 370DLE-based system, and a MicroStar MS-694D based machine.

The SuperMicro uses Registered ECC memory, whereas the MS-694D is just
using regular ECC memory. The CPU's we'll be using are either Intel PIII
933 or
1 Ghz, and we're planning on putting 1 Gig per machine (using 4 256 Meg
we don't ever plan on upgrading them)

These machines are going to have a varied set of applications running on
them -
CPU simulators for our Comp. Arch. group, Gaussian for Comp Chem,  a 
High-Energy physics event-reconstruction code, QCD codes, and mathmatical
optimization codes, just to name a few.

The price in choosing between these two options is 97,000, which we could
to take 50 of them to be 2 Gig machines :)

My questions to the list:
1. Has anyone used the Microstar board? Is it reliable at all?

2. Has anyone run any scientific codes on a MS-694D? This board seems to be
all the rage among the overclocker and game community, and as much as I'd
to build a 150-node Quake farm I think the review committee would be a bit
unhappy :)

3. What would the coolest, has anyone ever benchmarked their codes on
CPUs between these two boards?

Thanks a lot!
(Aren't you glad it's a ServerWorks post but I didn't once ask about the 
SE vs the HE? :)

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