Problem Booting the Slaves

David Leunen leunen.d at
Fri Dec 15 08:44:47 PST 2000

> We recommend 128MB for the compute nodes.
> It's possible to run with only 64MB, but not less.
> This minimum memory is the same for disk-based and diskless nodes.
> The compute nodes always start as diskless nodes running from "ramdisk",
> even if they get their initial boot kernel from the hard disk.
> The nodes immediately start accepting commands from the master, before
> mounting any filesystems.  Running in "diskless" mode allows the master to
> control verification of file system integrity ("fsck"), create new file
> systems, and recover checkpoint files without the risk of a node boot script
> corrupting the system.
> The bulk of the memory use is cached libraries.  'Bproc' automatically
> transports missing/uncached libraries with the application executable, thus
> not every library on the system must be cached.  But the libraries used by
> the housekeeping processes ("slave daemons") on the compute node must always
> exist locally.

Alright, I try now to make a beowulf with double-PII-300Mhz 64Mb-Ram for
slaves. I think I installed everything OK with a HD, the output on the
slave is :

System boot phase 3..
Node Setup finished

I suppose that it is OK. But when I look in beostatus, I see the slave
memory is 93% full!! Why is it so big? Isn't there another solution for
that than increase memory?

My other question is How to make a Diskless?? 
I can't see anything in the documentation about it!

Thanks in advance.


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