Serverworks chip sets

Trent Piepho xyzzy at
Mon Dec 11 10:29:33 PST 2000

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Steffen Persvold wrote:
> The HE-SL has support for AGP (and thats why I think it's the WS), and
> Supermicro has a version with AGP called 370DE6
> (
> This mb is not possible to use in a 1U rack (using vertical DIMMs)
> > 
> > The biggest similarity between the WS and HE-SL is that they both seem
> > to support 2-way interleaving whereas the HE supports 4-way.
> Yet another reason for saying that HE-SL is in fact WS. I may be able to
> confirm this with Serverworks, later.

Can one actually buy a serverworks HE-SL board anywhere?  I've been looking
for months, but I've never seen a 370DE6 in stock anywhere to buy.

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