Problems Creating/Overwriting partition tables on the slave nodes.

Richard Walsh rbw at
Fri Dec 8 14:00:16 PST 2000


Bob Sand wrote:

>Something is wrong here and the Help I've received from Richard Walsh is great
>but it also brings up other problems.  He states that I should copy everything
>in /lib to the slaves using bpcp.  Every single time I do this I get error
>messages saying invalid option or file not found.  Then I do a bpsh 0 ls -la
>/lib and it only shows me the one library that is there after booting.  What is
>up here?  Does bpcp really work or does it only work when you boot from the hard

In a by the book install, this (copy of head libs to slave's /lib) should not be 
necessary. It was something we did to get around dynamic library load problems we 
were having on the slaves after a boot from floppy. Without the copy, bpsh commands
(which are moved from the head via bproc's execmove() I believe) would not run (the
can't dlopen() libc() error) and we therefore could not get the boot image onto the 
slave's hard disk. Once this was accomplished getting our nodes into the up state 
from a reboot of the head node was (and remains) automatic. 

There were some gliches initially, but I would not trade the learning experience 
for anything ;-).

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