beoserv not seeing RARP

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at
Fri Dec 1 22:24:05 PST 2000

After I succeeded in setting up the beowulf2 using preview CD, I can run beoMPI with ease.

but I found very strange situation.

After I trun off (power off not booting ) the master node, The master node can't recognize the slave node.

I mean the master node can't receive the RARP signal from the slave node. 

In the beosetup screen, I found the node "down" all day long.

My PC is a 150Mhz Pentinum with 16 M RAM. 

So I install the master node from CD again, then It worked perfectly.  

Without turning off master node,  I turn off slave node only several times. then the beosetup & beostatus works fine.

but If I power off the master node &  power on the master node,  then the master node can't recognize the slave node again.

the procedure of my power off  was

"halt"  from the window's shell or "shotdown -h now" from the shell prompt.

I think something is problem in the master node program -- maybe beoserv or my pc hardware for small RAM. 

Is there Anybody here same problem like me ?

I need your help

Thank you very much.

Yoon Jae Ho
Economist      Korea Beowulf

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> Me, same problem  they don't even show up in the unknown column. 
> but, i format the slave node from the advice of  Daniel Persson myrridin at
> Tue, 24 Oct 2000 
> I make a partition of slave node from the above instruction.
> Then, I succeeded the setting up the beowulf-2 using beosetup (down -> up )

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