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Camil Demetrescu demetres at dis.uniroma1.it
Thu Jan 4 05:44:32 PST 2007

                                WEA 2007
          6th International Workshop on Experimental Algorithms

                             June 6-9, 2007
                         School of Engineering
              University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy

                         SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

                  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 20, 2007


WEA is an international forum for researchers in the area of experimental
evaluation and engineering of algorithms, as well as in various aspects
of computational optimization and its applications.

The preceding Workshops were held in Riga (Latvia, 2001), Ascona
(Switzerland, 2003), Angra dos Reis (Brazil, 2004), Santorini
(Greece, 2005), and Menorca Island (Spain, 2006).


Contributions solicited cover a variety of topics including but not
limited to:

- Algorithm Engineering
- Algorithmic Libraries
- Algorithmic Mechanism Design
- Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies
- Approximation Techniques
- Branch and Bound Algorithms
- Combinatorial Structures and Graphs
- Combinatorial and Irregular Problems
- Communication Networks
- Complex Networks
- Computational Biology
- Computational Geometry
- Computational Learning Theory
- Computational Optimization
- Computer Systems
- Cryptography and Security
- Data Streams
- Data Structures
- Distributed Algorithms
- Evaluation of Algorithms for Realistic Environments
- Graph Drawing
- Heuristics for Combinatorial Optimization
- Implementation, Testing, Evaluation, and Fine-tuning
- Information Retrieval
- Integer Programming
- Logistics and Operations Management
- Machine Learning and Data Mining
- Mathematical Programming
- Metaheuristic Methodologies
- Network Analysis
- Novel Applications of Algorithms in Other Disciplines
- On-line Problems
- Parallel Algorithms and Computing
- Railway Optimization using Algorithmic Methods
- Randomized Techniques
- Robotics
- Semidefinite Programming
- Simulation
- Software Repositories and Platforms for using Algorithms
- Telecommunications and Networking
- World Wide Web Algorithms


Submission deadline:    January 20, 2007 (11:59 PM PST)
Author notification:    March 7, 2007
Camera ready due:       March 21, 2007
Conference:             June 6-9, 2007


Corinna Cortes          (Google)
Peter Sanders           (U. Karlsruhe)
Maria J. Serna          (T.U. of Catalonia)


Accepted papers will appear in the WEA 2007 Proceedings published
by Springer Verlag in the LNCS series.


Selected papers from WEA 2007 will be considered for a Special
Issue of the ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
(JEA, http://www.jea.acm.org/).


Authors are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts reporting
original unpublished research and recent developments in the
topics related to the Workshop. Simultaneous submission to other
conferences or workshops with published proceedings is not allowed.
All papers will be peer reviewed and comments will be provided to
the authors.

Submission website and further details:


Susanne Albers          (U. Freiburg)
Eric Angel              (U. Evry Val D'Essonne)
Giorgio Ausiello        (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Ricardo Baeza-Yates     (Yahoo! Research)
Jon Bentley             (Avaya Labs Research)
Adam Buchsbaum          (AT&T Labs--Research)
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (U. Patras)
Camil Demetrescu        (U. Roma "La Sapienza") (chair)
Cid de Souza            (U. Campinas)
Rolf Fagerberg          (U. Sourthern Denmark, Odense)
Rudolf Fleischer        (Fudan U. Shanghai)
Monika Henzinger        (Google & EPFL)
Dorit S. Hochbaum       (U. California at Berkeley)
Michel Gendreau         (U. Montréal)
Giuseppe F. Italiano    (U. Roma "Tor Vergata")
Riko Jacob              (ETH Zurich)
Richard Ladner          (U. Washington)
Kurt Mehlhorn           (MPII Saarbruecken)
Bernard Moret           (EPFL)
S. Muthukrishnan        (Google)
Petra Mutzel            (U. Dortmund)
Giri Narasimhan         (Florida International U.)
Robert Sedgewick        (Princeton U.)
Thomas Stuetzle         (U. Libre de Bruxelles)
Jan Vahrenhold          (U. Dortmund)
Renato Werneck          (Microsoft Research Silicon Valley)
Norbert Zeh             (Dalhousie U., Halifax)


Edoardo Amaldi          (Politecnico di Milano)
David A. Bader          (Georgia Tech)
Josep Diaz              (T.U. Catalonia)
Giuseppe F. Italiano    (U. Roma "Tor Vergata")
David Johnson           (AT&T Labs--Research)
Klaus Jansen            (U. Kiel)
Kurt Mehlhorn           (MPII Saarbruecken)
Ian Munro               (U. Waterloo)
Sotiris Nikoletseas     (U. Patras & CTI)
Jose Rolim              (U. Geneva) (chair)
Pavlos Spirakis         (U. Patras & CTI)


Vincenzo Bonifaci       (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Saverio Caminiti        (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Fabio Dellutri          (U. Roma "Tor Vergata")
Camil Demetrescu        (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Irene Finocchi          (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Luigi Laura             (U. Roma "La Sapienza")
Andrea Vitaletti        (U. Roma "La Sapienza")


Camil Demetrescu
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica
Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Via Salaria, 113, II piano, 00198 ROMA, ITALY
Tel.: (+39) 06 4991 8457, Fax: (+39) 06 85300849
Email: demetres [at] dis [dot] uniroma1 [dot] it

Camil Demetrescu, Ph.D. - http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~demetres
Dept. Computer and System Sciences, Univ. of Rome "La Sapienza"
Via Salaria, 113 - 00198 Roma, Italy, ph. +39-06-4991-8457

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