[Beowulf-announce] Support for Beowulf clusters in PVM 3.4.3

Paul Springer pls at takayama.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Sep 19 20:45:52 PDT 2000

There was some trouble in sending this out the first time, so I am repeating the 
post.  I apologize if you've already received this.

The latest release of PVM, 3.4.3, contains code I've written to support Beowulf 
clusters.  In particular, it has been added in as one of the supported MPP 
architectures, under the name BEOLIN.  This allows the Beowulf cluster to be 
seen by outside computers as a single parallel machine.  When a user spawns 
tasks to the Beowulf, each task will automatically be put on its own node.  This 
will work even when the main PVM host is running on a computer separate from the 
Beowulf, and the Beowulf nodes are on an internal network.  Only the "front-end" 
Beowulf node needs to be visible to the outside world.  Under this architecture 
pvmd daemons are not run on each node--only a single daemon runs on the 
"front-end" node.

Additional details appear in a README file included with the release.


Paul Springer
High Performance Computing Group
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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