[3c509] how can i config my ether card to 100M in linux?

Daniel Soto Alvarez danisoto@hotpop.com
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 20:25:19 +0100

Hi you!

>  i have a 3com(10M/100M) ether card on my linux computer, and
> a 100M swich. on windowNT the card works correctly.but on linux it
> can only work as a 10M card. how can i solve the problem?
> zhengcb
> zhengcb@netpower.com.cn

I need two years for solve this behavior... but It's VERY easy:

ALL actual linux's drivers for 3Com & Intel (3c95x and eepro100)
have this bug. This two NICs have a BIOS with boot parameters. The
problem is if your NIC are configured for forced operation in the BIOS;
in this case the driver don't select the proper transceiver. Test to change
your boot config to "AUTOMATIC" in Link Speed AND Duplex Mode.
For my cards this is all that I need to run properly with Autoselect NWAY
in Linux.

Daniel Soto.