[3c509] problem of 3c509b-tcp

Bibliothèque de Toamasina butoam@dts.bow.mg
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 18:21:00 +0300

                                    Dear Sir, I have just installed
linux " mandrake 6.1 " on a machine marks " Dell OptiPlex Gn " - card
                                    réseaux:3c509b-tpc etherlink III -
card sound: creative ViBRA 16X PnP - board graphics: Matrox
                                    millenium II the installation was
successful as envisaged. During the installation, I chose mode "
                                    AUTOSTROBE " for the detection of
the card network and I profit to configure our network (to give an
                                    address IP to the machine). (e.g:je
did not choose the 2nd mode: " specify " since I do not have least
                                    information on the module than it
requires of me). And all was passed very well and with same from
                                    success since all the other
peripherals works very well. Problème:je cannot have access to the
                                    networks which exists in our park
(Windows machines) whereas the other machines can be
                                    communicated between them.
                                     Ci below the result of:
                                     - / proc/ioports:
                                     - / proc/interrupts:
                                    Here is in short my
                                    problem, I ask you sincèerement
helps me for my problem i.e. to direct me to solve my problem. I am
                                    still initial out of Unix (linux)
and bearing I will want to make a success of my my objective:
"                                                     installation of a
server linux for Windows customers"

                                    I count much on your Mister
assistance!!! So long!!!

My address :  DODO Sata
                     Université de Toamasina
                     Barikadimy - Toamasina
                     Tél: 261 53 338 75 (bureau)
                           261 53 312 30 (à la maison)
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