3c589 problems

Billy Harvey Billy.Harvey@thrillseeker.net
Wed Oct 28 09:55:37 1998

Hello all,

I'm looking for some help with my 3c589c & 3c589d cards.  I have a
3c589c that I've used for over a year without any problem.  For a small
project I have I needed to buy 2 more cards.  I found 2 x 3c589d cheap
($40 each), and have been trying to use them.

When I insert either of the cards, cardmgr tells me what they are, and
assigns I/O 0x300 and IRQ 9, as my 3c589c.  The appropriate ehternet
address is displayed, as per the back of the cards.  However, they don't
work.  I downloaded a program from 3com that runs under DOS to "setup"
the cards (whatever that may encompass).  It tells me the cards are
loading at 0x200 and IRQ 3.  However, they won't work under Windows

I poked around and found Donald Becker's 3c5x9setup.c.  I've used that
to force the I/O and IRQ to what teh working card used, but there is
still no data transfer.  I used the memory flash feature (hoping to
never meet Donald on the net :), and in desperation, tried it on the
working card too.

Now, I have the original working card not working, one of the new cards
working, and the other one not.  I hand changed the ethernet addresses
in each to the correct ones and reflashed them BTW.

So, any guidance?  Is there easily obtainable documentation of the
internals of the cards?  Is there any code that will simply force
everything to a sane level (what does the memory flash leave not

I would think there was hardware problems, except for that the original
3c589c now is not working, and one of the 3c589d's is.

Thanks for any help.