[vortex] RH7 and 3C905B Problems

Mark Ridley stikky@gameplay.com
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:01:30 -0000


I am new to the list, but would appreciate some help with my current setup,
apologies if this is in a FAQ, if it is, could you redirect me! :)

Anyway, I have a box running RedHat 7 that has a 3C905B, that is connected,
back-to-back with a Window 98 box. It seems that whenever I transfer large
amounts of data, ifconfig reports frame errors, than the networking just
grinds to a halt after say 2 minutes of activity.

This is so annoying since it didn't used to happen in RedHat 6.2... any help
much appreciated and will save the handfuls of hair that I have already
pulled out! :)

Mark Ridley