[vortex] 3c590 media selection

Andrew Morton andrewm@uow.edu.au
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:55:17 +1100

Donald Becker wrote:
> > to keep the 3c590 sane.  They'll just load the driver with no
> > options and get used to reloading the driver or rebooting every
> > time they disconnect the cable.
> The disconnect-the-cable scenerio is the only one that concerns me.  The
> driver should continue to work even with a temporary loss of link beat.
> That situation won't be solved by an override, because the driver will work
> with the default when they initially install and the user won't know they
> need to force the media type to have a reliable connection.

Thanks, Donald.  I'll be leaving it the way you suggest - if
no media-selection options are provided, we still do
software autoselection.  If options _are_ provided, we
set medialock and the NIC is locked onto the media which 
was selected.

Another question: in vortex_timer(), for the MII/NWAY case
we don't check to see whether autonegotiation has 
completed.  Should we?