[vortex] 3C905B overrun error

Etsuo SUMIYA sumiya@ymg.urban.ne.jp
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 21:21:20 +0900

Hello! vortex@scyld.com users.

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Etsuo SUMIYA <sumiya@ymg.urban.ne.jp> さん:

> Hello! I am setting up Linux firwall using 3c905B, NE2000
> clone and 3c509. 3C905B connected to a 100 MBPS hub. Linux

It seems that my PC, Pentium 120 MHz Acer V50LA mother
board, has no enough capability to run the 3C905B NIC by
bus master trancefer. When I run the configuration tool
bundled with the card, warring message said so.

Thank you.