Problem with Vortex Card in Gateway E-2200

Josh Kuperman
Thu Nov 5 14:41:23 1998

Hardware-Software Red-Hat 2.0.34-06 running on Gateway E-2200 with a 3com
Fast Etherlink XL 10/100 MB TX Ethernet NIC (3C905B) on IRQ9. I compiled a
modular Kernel

At first I thought I was simply having a problem with DHCP. After checking
outnumerous things I was able to verify some network communication, but the
"child ain't right".

1. In Wintel world mode the link on the mini-hub I'm using stays on. In
Linux mode it is always off except for an odd flicker. 
2. I was able to get it to print over the network to an HP Printer on an NT
3. I can run tcpdump and see all sorts of traffic.
4. When I try something to connect to a web site or to telnet I can't quite
get anywhere. I was sorta briefly able to telnet to a Linux box in the same
room. Any attempts to get out would generate what looked like normal
traffic to me (I'm not real good, but it looked like all the requests to
get the right route and everything went through.) but nothing ever come
back on the telnet screen if I went beyond the local subnet.

To get this far I had to use the 9/25 version of 3c59x.c. I have run the
vortex-diag program. I have no idea what to look for when I do this. I
tried to check the kernel configuration from the control panel. Somehow
/boot/module-info-2.0.34 did not exist and /boot/module-info-2.0.34-06 did
exist so I copied it to the name the kernel configuration tool was looking
for. It should the 3c59x.o as the only module. I've no idea what arguments
might do me any good, so I didn't try anything.

Is there a searchable archive of this list? I browsed through recent
posting and saw problems which I thought might be similar, but I didn't see
any that mentioned the link light on the Hub or Gateways. I saw many
references to problems of transmitting and not receiving, but mine looks
more like transmitting and half-ass receiving.

All help and working solutions are gratefully appreciated.

Josh Kuperman        Saratoga Springs Public Library   49 Henry St  
518.584.7860x211     Saratoga Springs, NY 12866