[vortex-bug] Re: 3C905CX-TXM - No packets recieved at all, but TX ok, and no error messages anywhere.

nrvale0 nathan@uky.edu
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:09:18 -0500

>My problem is the following: My 3C905CX-TXM cards are transmitting,
>but they never receive anything.

I am seeing the exact same behavior on a fresh Debian 2.2 install
using the latest 2.2.18 install boot disks. I have compiled my own
kernel with the drivers from the 2.2.18 kernel package and also used
the latest drivers from the scyld page. No luck. I have yet to try the
"official" 3Com driver from 3Com's website. 

Additionally, I have used the vortex-diag and mii-* tools to dump the
state of the card. According to these tools, everything check out just
fine. No IRQ conflicts, no conflicts for I/O addresses. 

>3c905cx's, when I try to ping between them, I can use TCPDUMP to watch
>them ARPing for each other's address, but neither one seems to hear
>the request from the other. (I've used another machine with TCPDUMP
>to spy on the traffic between the 4 cards, and compare the Pro/100
>traffic to the 3c905 traffic.)   ifconfig on both machines shows the
>3c905's with 1000's of packets TX, but none on RX, no errors,
>overruns, nothing.

Again, same thing here. I have even tried adding the ARP entries to
the ARP tables by hand. In that case, the 3c905c machine sends out the
ICMP echo req. and the target replies, but the 3Com machine never sees
the reply even though other machines on the same hub are able to
tcpdump it. 

FWIW, the card works fine under Winders and the FreeBSD fixit disk. I
really don't know where to go from here. I have approx. 70 machines
with this card and I really don't want this to be my introduction to
kernel hacking. ;)

Nathan Valentine - nathan@uky.edu
University of Kentucky Distributed Computing Systems Lab
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