[tulip] My apologies for the recent spam that slipped through

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Tue Mar 5 13:40:01 2002

The recent set of spam which hit many of our lists passed all of the
usual filters.

They have rotated their declared domain name, used different generic
word in the subject and don't report their mailer in the header.

I hope that I've stopped it by putting a filter on the originating IP
address block: 210.0.198.*.  The 210.0.*.* block is owned by a Hong Kong
company, with contact info stephend@hgc.com.hk

Again, my apologies.  We do manage to filter almost all of the spam, but
the spammers are getting more sophisticated.  (If the spammers believed
their messages were acceptable and welcome, they wouldn't spend so much
effort being deceptive about the source and contents.)

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